Updated: What is a Phone Consultation?

IMG_2024A phone consultation is a great way to get some expert help at about half the cost of a home visit. Bonus: You don’t have to leave your comfy chair! It’s appropriate for a wide variety of situations. I commonly provide phone consultations for return-to-work planning, milk supply problems, breastfeeding management concerns, weaning and sleep issues. Phone consultations work best when breastfeeding is going well (or has in the past) but there are other issues that need to be addressed.

You caught my daughter’s posterior tongue tie over the phone & with emailed pictures when other health care professionals completely overlooked it! It’s now being corrected next week! I’m really excited to see how this improves her breastfeeding! *THANK YOU*

What can you expect from a phone consultation?

You will have the opportunity to share your concerns in detail. You will be guided to give a very detailed, relevant history of your breastfeeding relationship. You will be asked many questions so that you will be able to give an accurate picture of the issue(s) you are concerned about. You may be asked about your baby’s weight at various ages. You may be asked about your diet and medications or herbal supplements. You will be asked about your health history. You may be asked to send a picture of your baby. You will also be asked how you would like the particular problem to be resolved. All of this information will help me develop a plan for you to resolve the difficulty you are experiencing. If necessary, you will be referred to another health care provider for in-person help. If I believe you need to see an IBCLC in person, I will provide referrals for an experienced person in your area.

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A detailed care plan will be developed with you that includes your history, the current situation and recommendations. You will be encouraged to call/email to keep me up to date and let me know what’s working and what’s not working so we can make changes as necessary. I expect to keep in touch with you and it’s part of what you are paying for!!

What a phone consult is NOT:

It is not a “chat.”

It is not a brief, unfocused conversation.

It is not a substitute for in-person, hands-on help when that is needed.

It is not ineffective.

It is not casual or “less than” an in person consultation–just different!

When is a phone consultation appropriate?

When you don’t need physical assistance with your baby.

If you are having milk supply issues after initially having enough milk.

If you are returning to work.

General breastfeeding/time management. Baby is gaining well, you are comfortable, But you just can’t seem to get into a “groove.”

Sleep concerns—either parents’ or babies or both.

If you need help and think a phone consultation is appropriate for you, please call or email to schedule an appointment. We will schedule a “meeting” with your time zone in mind so that it’s convenient for you. At the designated day/time, I will give you a call and you’ll have my undivided attention for at least an hour. I’m looking forward to problem-solving with you!

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