Rule #1: Feed The Baby!

Learning to supplement at the breast.

Breastfeeding. It’s what I’m all about as a lactation consultant. I have built an entire career around helping you to breastfeed your baby. Part of the reason that lactation consultants even exist is that our culture didn’t always place such a high value on breastfeeding. But now it seems like the pressure to avoid formula is everywhere. In fact sometimes it seems that everyone around you is concerned about whether or not your baby gets your precious milk.

On the other hand you may have seen or heard some stories claiming that the current emphasis on breastfeeding is potentially harmful. That hospital nurses, midwives, pediatricians and especially IBCLCs (lactation consultants) push breastfeeding to a fault. That they ignore the possibility that some babies need to be supplemented at some points in their lives. That they believe that a baby should breastfeed at all costs–even if that baby is not thriving with exclusive breastfeeding.

Learning to supplement with bottle.

I am here to assure you that IBCLCs like myself have a little creed. Rule # 1: Feed the Baby.

Many of my clients initiated a visit with me because they knew in their gut that something was wrong when their baby wasn’t gaining well and they had not been helped by other professionals. They had been told, “Just keep breastfeeding, everything will be fine.” Or, “Obviously, this isn’t working, so you should stop breastfeeding and just use formula.”  If your sweet baby is not gaining weight appropriately, neither of those suggestions are helpful. What is helpful is professional guidance and support to help you determine if, when and how your baby should be supplemented.

Cup feeding for extra calories.

Sometimes supplementation is necessary. Sometimes supplementation is a choice. Whatever your unique situation, The Second9Months is here. If you’d like more information about home, office or video consultations, feel free to contact me here. 


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