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The sooner you call, the sooner I can help! Don’t wait until the next business day. I take calls until 9 pm 7 days a week. If you call in the morning, it’s likely I can see you the same day.If you have an urgent situation, I will not leave you stranded! I will refer you to a trusted colleague. It’s easy to request an appointment.

How do I prepare for your visit?

You don’t need to do anything special for a lactation visit.  I absolutely am not concerned about a messy house or whether you’ve had a chance to take a shower. You will get more out of the visit, however, if you have a chance to do some minimal preparation. Please see The Lactation Consultant is Coming! How do I Prepare?

Does insurance cover your services?Yes!

Yes! I am able to bill AETNA and FIRST CHOICE plans for home/virtual visits. Call AETNA or First Choice to learn about your benefit. Most policies cover 6 visits with no or minimal out of pocket expense! Request an appointment here.

Many other insurance companies cover my services for home visits. My fees may also be billed to your medical expense account. I provide each client with a detailed insurance claim form (superbill) that can be used to bill insurance for reimbursement.

Do you only work in Seattle?

No! I go wherever you are in the Puget Sound region (some travel fees may apply). Virtual consultations are billed the same as phone consultations and are available worldwide.

What is included in your fee?

A consultation in your home or virtually includes a complete history detailing your concerns, an observation and assessment of an entire feeding, help and adjustments necessary for your comfort and baby’s optimal intake, weighing the baby, a written care plan, a completed superbill, and communication with physicians. You will be given plenty of opportunity to practice so that you will feel more confident. Follow-up calls are welcome and complimentary.

What forms of payment do you take?

I accept cash, checks or credit cards. HSA cards are welcome.

Can I call you after our initial visit?

Yes! It is common to have questions after the consultation. Your calls and emails are welcome and encouraged.

Do you carry breast pumps?

I have Hygeia hospital grade breast pumps for rent.

Do you have herbs to help with milk supply?

Yes, I stock an array of helpful herbs from Motherlove Herbal for your convenience.

Are you available on weekends? Evenings?

Yes, most weekends I am available for consultations. I try to reserve Sundays and evenings for urgent situations.

Why should I hire a private lactation consultant? Aren’t there lactation consultants in hospitals?

Yes, there are some fine lactations consultants in hospitals, but their time with you is very limited—usually less than 15 minutes. You are in the hospital a very short time—not long enough to get breastfeeding established. My visits encompass an entire feeding, lots of practice in your own home, a written care plan and plenty of time for questions. If you have questions after I leave, I am available to you.

Is a home or office visit really necessary? Can’t you just help me over the phone?

Phone consultations are appropriate in some situations-for example planning your return to work. Other concerns, such as difficulty latching, require in- person or virtual help.

Will you still help me if I want to use bottles sometimes? Or formula?

Absolutely! This is your life and your baby.

How are you different from other lactation consultants?

Since I have been doing this work since 1991, I have seen just about everything! My doula experience and child-development background gives me a holistic perspective that many lactation consultants don’t have. Evaluation for structural issues are included with each consultation. I am confident in my skills and rarely have to refer you to another professional. On the rare occasion when I encounter something beyond my expertise, I am happy to refer to a medical provider who will work with me to solve the problem. Here’s what one parent said.

“…I can’t thank you enough for your counsel, guidance and support.  You are such a gift to the breastfeeding community, and I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I did without you.  I will cherish my learnings from you forever.”


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  1. Iam 32wks pregnant and I have the hygeia pump this is my first child. what bottles can be used with this pump? I really want to be able to pump in a bottle that I can also freeze and thaw and use as a bottle to feed baby. I’m just tring to avoid having to pour my milk into multiple containers. Do you know anything that could fit those needs?? Thanks so much for any info you can provide.

    • The great thing about Hygeia is that the pumps come with adaptors so you can pump into different size bottles! That’s what those little orange rings are for. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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