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“I have referred patients to Renee for several years now. Her common sense approach is well received and I have heard nothing but praise for Renee from the parents of my newborn patients. In addition, Renee makes herself readily available and clearly understands the importance of quick intervention when breastfeeding isn’t going smoothly. We at Swedish Queen Anne are thankful to have experts such as Renee available in our community.”

Benjamin Starnes, MD, Swedish Physicians, Queen Anne

Breastfeeding Help“I have been referring new moms to Renee Beebe for many years. She has consistently been available, and very responsive to the needs of both mother and baby. As newborn hospital stays have become shorter, many new moms find themselves at home before successful breastfeeding has been astablished. I feel fortunate to have Renee as a resource to help these parents to succeed, and their babies to thrive.”

Ted McMahon, MD, Ballard Pediatric Clinic

“I use Renee exclusively for my patients with nursing issues. They are always happy with Renee’s care, and most often are breastfeeding more successfully after she sees them. Renee personally helped me when I was postpartum. My son would not latch on and he was already 8 days old. I was feeding him with a feeding tube via a nipple shield and pumping every 2 hours. I was desperate to get him to latch on. With Renee’s help, he finally did latch on and nursed well from then on. I tell my patients when I refer them to her that she also helped me. Knowing that even an Ob/Gyn needed help and got that help from Renee makes women more optimistic about their chance of success with nursing.”

Orly P. Steinberg, MD (Ob/Gyn)

“We very much appreciate your lactation help and expertise for our patients. You are very accessible and meet with the patients in a timely manner. Patients comment that you are very gentle and non-judgmental. They appreciate your focus on the health of the baby and mother. They also appreciate that you aren’t militant about the breastfeeding. One family recently told me they thought your advice was the best money they had ever spent on their child. We also appreciate your prompt written notes outlining the plan. We feel that your advice compliments our own advice very well. Thanks for all your help past and future!”

Dr. Sherri Zorn and Dr. Christine Marie Longo, Polyclinic Pediatrics

“My clients are always encouraged after Renee visits them. She has a wealth of lactation knowledge that she creatively applies to each individual situation. She then is available to clients as needed and communicates well with other medical team members to maximize client support. Renee is at the top of my list for home lactation care!”Cynthia Brown, Certified Nurse Midwife

Client Testimonals

You remain the only professional who really listened and helped. I wish all mothers had support from someone like you!


Kendall is 8 1/2 months old and we’re still breastfeeding, so pat yourself on the back! Because of my breast reduction, I still have to supplement, but by pumping a lot in the first months and finally trying the Domperidone, in about six weeks I was able to increase my milk supply from about 1.5 ounces/feeding to 3.5 ounces/feeding.
I just thought you’d like to know that we’ve made it far past my 6 month breastfeeding goal, and have no plans for weaning in sight! And she probably only takes in about 15 oz of formula/day. :) Breast feeding after reduction is possible–we’re proof! :) Thanks for your help to get us on the right track.


Thank you so much for coming to our house and helping me and and my baby with our breastfeeding dance. You have given me such relief, and hope, I can’t even begin to tell you what a difference that makes in my outlook as a parent.


Working on my breastfeeding issues with Renee got my daughter and I on the road to success after a bumpy start. Renee’s encouragement, enthusiasm and excellent advice really made me feel that I had a partner in my efforts and made me realize that perseverance makes anything possible. thank you, Renee!


The past few months have been such a huge learning experience for me…and I can’t thank you enough for your counsel, guidance and support.  You are such a gift to the breastfeeding community, and I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I did without you.  I will cherish my learnings from you forever.


Hello! I had an appointment with you in July. My daughter Hanna was born with a cleft of the soft palate, had repair surgery in June, and I wanted to put her back to the breast. At the appointment, Hanna latched on for one vacuum suck while I was wearing a nipple shield. It was the first time that she had accepted my breast in her mouth while awake since April or May.

I have wonderful news – Hanna, at 7 months and one week is now breastfeeding! One week and two days ago she latched on and stayed on and I haven’t pumped since. I am so glad that I continued to try! Thanks for your help and encouragement.

Sincerely, Amy

I can’t thank you enough for helping me learn how to help my baby latch on correctly so that breastfeeding is pleasurable for both my baby and me. During the consultation, when our baby latched on properly, I said, “It doesn’t hurt, this is awesome, 100% better!” I wish you had been at the hospital with us when our baby was first brought to us for breastfeeding. Your manner was very patient, incredibly understanding, superbly attentive, and extremely calm. You shared an incredible depth of knowledge. Thank you, thank you!
We’ll call you again in an instant if we have any more problems with breastfeeding or other post partum issues. We believe it was money well spent.

Sincerely, Camille and Dave

I wanted to let you know that Jak and I are still so thankful for the lactation help you gave us. I still remember your words and quote you often when talking to my friends about nursing. I know I’ll definitely not forget you and the great help and support you gave me when I had so much pain from bad latching. After pumping exclusively for several weeks way back in February, all has worked out well. We’re still nursing . . I think of your great words of advice and encouragement often. We’re going to make it to 1 year without any problems…


I can not thank you enough for all of your guidance and support! Your amazing knowledge and dedication helped give me the confidence and knowledge to build up my supply. You will forever be counted amoung the blessings in the Stone nursery! Thank you!!!!!!!



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