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  I accept **AETNA  and **UNITED insurance. Many insurance companies offer full reimbursement. 



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**Information Regarding This Practice and Corona Virus**

We understand that you may have concerns about contact with people outside your family right now, but that doesn’t change the fact that you may need help! We are happy to address your concerns.

You have 2 choices for a comprehensive consultation:

Virtual consultations. Virtual consultations can be surprisingly effective with an experienced provider. We use a HIPAA compliant, secure platform to ensure your privacy. It’s easy to request an appointment!  Aetna subscribers: We can bill Aetna for virtual consultations!  A super bill will be provided to clients with other insurance and many insurance plans do reimburse a portion or all of the fee. For more information about virtual consultations, please see this post.

Home visits: I am doing home visits on a limited basis, since most families like the convenience of virtual. For home visits I have extra precautions in place to keep everyone safe and you will need to consent to my Covid Policies prior to the visit. I can bill Aetna and First Choice directly for home visits. For other insurance a superbill is provided.

If you need help with breastfeeding, call now! (206) 356-7252. or request an appointment here.   I answer calls and emails promptly. (Phone is fastest!) Breastfeeding support is available 7 days a week: Home or office visits, phone or virtual consultations.  You decide.

Baby breastfeeding after help with IBCLC

Not in Seattle? No problem! I do video conferencing  all over the world!  Request an appointment!

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General support for moms in Seattle area–No appt. necessary. For a virtual breastfeeding support group, please request to join my local (Seattle area) facebook support group:

Breastfeeding and Pumping Support in Seattle.

I wish you had been at the hospital with us when our baby was first brought to us for breastfeeding. Your manner was very patient, incredibly understanding, superbly attentive, and extremely calm. You shared an incredible depth of knowledge. Thank you!


Experience Counts!  Seattle area mothers choose me because of my vast experience and my reputation in the community. Over 25 years helping breastfeeding adds up to over 4000 babies! 

My pediatrician called you ‘one of the best lactation consultants in the region.’  Wow!

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The Lactation Consultant is Coming! How do I Prepare?


Getting some reassurance from an IBCLC

You have just had a baby. You’ve always known you would breastfeed, but things are not going well. Perhaps your nipples are sore. Or you’re struggling with engorgement. Maybe you’re worried about milk supply. Or your baby has hard time latching. Or maybe you just have a lot of questions. In any case, you and your healthcare provider have decided you need the help of an expert. It’s time to call a lactation consultant. Continue reading

Low Milk Supply: “Mindset Shifts” (Guest Post)

Having low milk supply can be very difficult for people –especially when they’ve always wanted to breastfeed. People will do almost anything to increase supply. They research formula, learn about things like “refill rate,” supplementation methods and herbs and foods for milk supply. This mom had an aha moment which helped her look at her situation with a different lens. She is shown here nursing her baby with a homemade supplementer. Thank you so much for generously sharing your  thoughts with all of us!

Today I realized I have very fast refill – I can refill my bottle with formula in less than a minute! I can provide my baby instantly with however much milk she needs. I celebrate living in the 21st century with high quality science milk.

Continue reading

Rule #1: Feed The Baby!

Learning to supplement at the breast.

Breastfeeding. It’s what I’m all about as a lactation consultant. I have built an entire career around helping you to breastfeed your baby. Part of the reason that lactation consultants even exist is that our culture didn’t always place such a high value on breastfeeding. But now it seems like the pressure to avoid formula is everywhere. In fact sometimes it seems that everyone around you is concerned about whether or not your baby gets your precious milk. Continue reading

Guest Post: How to Take Beautiful Pictures of Your Newborn

Thank you Jennifer Loomis for providing this guest post! For those of you who don’t know, Jennifer is one of the top photographers in the Seattle area for newborn, pregnancy, and family photography. We are so lucky to have her! Here is some of Jennifer’s best advice for taking beautiful pictures of your beautiful baby. 

Just had your baby and can’t motivate to get newborn photography? I get it. When I had my baby two years ago, I couldn’t get out of the house and into my own studio until he was four weeks old! Shameful! But I was just sooooo exhausted. Taking a shower seemed like a major feat. But I still wanted images, so here are some professional tips to making good images of these little guys without leaving your own home. Do it, because they grow up so fast! Continue reading