Virtual/Distance Consulting: How to Do It!

As IBCLCs, we love our hands-on, in person work with families who need breastfeeding help. But there are some situations that require our help from a distance. It could be because of weather, illness (client or IBCLC) or lack of local breastfeeding help.  Whatever the reason, consulting at a distance is sometimes necessary and surprisingly effective.

I have had the opportunity to do 100s of distance consults, via phone and video. Many years of phone helping with La Leche League taught me how to describe techniques to a client as well as how to “see” what they were describing to me. Like most IBCLCs, I find virtual consultations challenging; but I also think they’re a lot of fun!

Virtual consulting is not the same as in-person consulting. A different skill set is required. You will need all of your great counseling and observations skills plus an ability to teach the parents how to be your hands!

Please join me in this fun, affordable ($50),  90-120 minute workshop where we can actually practice how to do a consultation without the benefit of touch. We will discuss:

  • why do them?
  • privacy
  • consent
  • technology
  • payment considerations
  • tools you and the family will need
  • what can we actually assess virtually
  • limitations and frustrations
  • consult flow
  • tips for doing a physical exam of parent and baby
  • brief role play

Bring your dolls, your pump flanges and your (fake) breasts. You will increase your confidence in this much needed sub-specialty.

Note that the time scheduled is Pacific Time in the U. S.

The current class is full. If you’d like to be informed about the next workshop, please send me an email and I’ll be happy to schedule another class at any time that works for you and your colleagues. I can accommodate a group of 5 or more.