Updated: Video Consultations: How do They Work?

The family in this video “met” with me from two different countries. This is the last few minutes of a consultation. The client is talking about meeting with a local IBCLC for follow up to our meeting.

I can do a virtual consultation with you no matter where you are on the planet! We are not limited by long-distance fees—only by time zones and a decent internet connection.

Ideally every breastfeeding parent and infant would have access to high-quality in-person lactation care. The reality is that many people do not have this available in their communities. Virtual consultations are just like in-person consultations except we’re not actually in the same room. They are appropriate for any type of breastfeeding challenges you may have including, latching difficulties, questions about tongue mobility, frenotomy care, sore nipples, milk supply or pumping difficulties. These consultations are not recorded.

The question I get asked most about virtual consultations is if I can really be effective. The answer is yes. I’ve done many long distance consultations and it’s amazing how much the parents and I can discover together. You will definitely be a partner in your session.

Baby with tight frenulum in Costa Rica. Identified from Seattle, Washington!

I use a secure, private platform that is remarkably clear with high quality audio and video. Since this platform is designed for medical professionals, it is HIPAA compliant so your privacy is guaranteed. (Skype, Facetime and other social media platforms are not usually truly secure and private.)

Like phone and in-person consultations, virtual visits are scheduled in advance. It is highly recommended that you have a helper available for your visit. You may need help adjusting camera angle or lighting. You may bill your insurance for these consultations.

If you’d like to make an appointment for a virtual consultation, please shoot me an email. Include your primary concern, your state or country with time zone and a few days and times that work best for you to “meet.” I look forward to seeing you!

Or use this form to request an appointment.

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