Cookies for Milk Supply?

As a lactation consultant, I have the privilege of talking with hundreds of breastfeeding moms every year. Many of those mothers are concerned with milk production at some point in their nursing career. As you can imagine, (and as many of you know!) it’s very frustrating to do everything “right” and still not have enough milk for your baby. Moms know that breast milk is the best thing for babies, yet when supply problems exist, it can be difficult to give baby 100% breast milk. I have found that moms will do just about anything to help increase their milk production—prescriptions medications, strenuous pumping regimens or drinking bitter herbal concoctions.

A few years ago, I was approached by the founder of Milkmakers. She enthusiastically told me about her product—a cookie—that reportedly helps with milk production in breastfeeding moms. Some of the ingredients in Milkmakers are known to support milk production, but I was skeptical, to say the least.

Since this is a new product and an interesting idea, I decided to do a little research. Seattle moms with concerns about milk supply agreed to eat these delicious, nutrient-dense cookies for a week and let me know how they “worked.” All of the women who tried the cookies had healthy, thriving 3-4 month old babies. Most were back at work and were concerned about being able to pump enough milk. Much to my surprise, every mom who participated in my little experiment noticed a measurable increase in milk production!

I continue to offer herbs, medications and other proven protocols for my clients with serious milk production issues. I also offer Milkmakers as part of the solution—particularly for moms who may need a boost when returning to work.  Breastfeeding mothers are thrilled with the idea of cookies the help them with milk supply!

If you are having problems with supply, contact a lactation consultant for help. In addition, give Milkmakers a try. They will give you a delicious lift!


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