Breastfeeding and Work–Getting Out the Door! (Updated)

IMG_2024Now that you’ve made the commitment to breastfeed your baby AND you’re going back to work, you may be wondering…how do breastfeeding parents really do this?

Here are some tips from some experienced parents who have learned how to make every second count!

The night before:

Label bottles of milk with the date and your baby’s name.

Lay out your baby’s clothes and yours. Better yet, dress your baby in the next day’s clothes and forget about jammies!

Keep the pump bag, diaper bag and your charging phone by your purse or briefcase.

Ask your partner to pack your food for the day—lunch and a couple of snacks. You will probably be surprised and delighted at the quantity of food he thinks you should eat!

Add baby supplies to the diaper bag.

In the morning:

Add ice and pumped milk to daycare bag. A little cooler specifically for baby bottles is great for this purpose.

Breastfeed baby one more time before going out the door. Or leave a little early and breastfeed at the day care. That will mean less milk that you will have to pump!

General tips:

Wear clothes that give you easy access to your breasts. You shouldn’t have to take off your shirt or dress in order to pump or breastfeed. Check out for professional nursing/pumping clothing.

If you can’t  wash the pump parts after each pumping, rinse thoroughly and keep them in a cooler (with ice) or a refrigerator and they’ll be ready to go for the next pumping.

Some moms love to pump hands free. There are bras and other devices that hold the pump flanges in place so you can multi-task. Simple Wishes is one brand.

Invest in extra pump parts—including bottles and caps—and keep extra at work just in case.

Take advantage of oxytocin coursing through your bloodstream. It will help you relax and enhance your creativity.

Check out this class about returning to work while breastfeeding or pumping!

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