A Perfect Latch

Perfect Latch in Football Hold

Here is a beautiful example of a football hold latch. This baby is just 5 days old, but he knows exactly what to do! (Yes his skin is a little yellow, but he’s vigorous, gaining well and his pediatrician is not concerned.)

How do we know this latch is perfect?

His nose is tilted away from mom’s breast.

His chin is tucked in firmly to the underside of the breast.

Baby’s top lip barely covers mom’s nipple.  Baby’s mouth is assymetrical in relation to mom’s areola. The areola is clearly visible above the top lip but the lower part is covered by baby’s mouth.  (Note:  The appearance of the latch will differ slightly with each mom due to anatomical variations.)

Baby’s mouth is open wide.  The corners of his lips are not touching.

Most importantly, baby is drinking and mother is comfortable!  And now you can watch and listen to a baby in action.

4 thoughts on “A Perfect Latch

  1. Christina. It doesn’t matter how big your breasts are. Many moms are given outdated, incorrect advise about position baby. No need to hold your breast tissue away from his nose!

  2. THIS is what I want! NOT my baby’s nose pressed in to the top of my boob, my baby’s bottom lip tucked in, and definitely NOT sore nips and aerola! GRRRRR….if this is a correct latch, why are moms saying ‘I have to hold my boob down from his nose…’? Even with big chested women, this is a correct latch…all the time?

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