Yurika’s Story: A Beautiful “Thank You”

This story was sent to me by one of my clients, Yurika. She wants to share it with all of you and hopes that it will help to continue breastfeeding–even when facing challenges.

photo_face0 Mila was born 8lbs 7oz, healthy and passed all the health screening at the hospital before discharging. At our postpartum appointment 3 days after leaving the hospital, her weight loss was brought up as a concern. She seemed to be latching but she was not transferring enough milk and I was experiencing a lot of pain. Her losing more that 10% of her birth weight was addressed at her 7 day postpartum appointment with her pediatrician and we were sent to the breastfeeding center at the hospital that day for further investigation.

That day we started pumping and finger/syringe feeding to supplement. We returned to the breastfeeding center a few days later only to find out that she had not gained any weight despite our aggressive feeding plan. I was pumping every 2 hours and forcing our baby to eat what seemed like an unreasonably large amount of milk. We were encouraged to even consider supplementing with formula if her weight loss continued to be an issue. We went to the breastfeeding center several times in the first 2 weeks seeing multiple lactation consultants but no one could really tell the root cause of her weight loss. They wanted to send us to other medical providers and Seattle Children’s Hospital to get our baby further assessed. We felt like we were in the dark not knowing where to turn with overwhelming and sometimes conflicting advice we were getting from multiple sources. Breastfeeding was not working at this point and we transitioned to full time bottle feeding when she was 2 weeks old.

Out of desperation during my pumping routine in the middle of the night, I looked online in hopes of finding the best lactation specialist – this was my last hope of making breastfeeding work. I really wanted to breastfeed my baby but all my ideals were crushed by this point.

I came across Renee’s website and called her first thing in the morning the next day. She graciously fit us into her schedule on the same day and came over to our house. I remember feeling hopeful thinking that this may be the answer. She assessed our baby’s mouth and tongue and diagnosed her with a posterior tongue tie. (Neither hospital lactation nurses or her pediatrician were unable to detect her tongue tie.) She gave us very clear and direct guidance about breastfeeding positions, pumping, bottle feeding and a tongue tie procedure.

We were able to get our baby’s tongue tie procedure (frenotomy) a few days later with the doctor that Renee recommended. As soon as the procedure was done, our baby started nursing a little and gaining some weight. The procedure was like magic but it was not the only thing that helped us. Renee came over to our home once again to show us how to help our baby heal from the procedure properly and with transitioning from mostly bottle feeding to completely breastfeeding. Within a week, our baby was exclusively breastfeeding and the breast pump that I used every 2 hours around the clock for a few weeks was finally stored away.

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Mila just turned 2 months old and she weighs 11lbs 10oz and is in 75th percentile in the growth chart. Breastfeeding is now painless and blissful. I feel so much closer to my baby and can finally enjoy this experience. We truly believe that Renee’s guidance and support made breastfeeding possible and successful for us. One of the things I appreciated about Renee was that she was always encouraging and positive and never alarming. I will recommend her to anyone who is experiencing trouble with breastfeeding and we will hire her again if and when we have any challenges with breastfeeding in the future.


Thank you, Yurika! It was an honor to be a small part of your breastfeeding success!

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