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Nobody “taught” these two little girls how to breastfeed their babies.  No one showed them how to properly “latch.”  They didn’t call a lactation consultant for help.  It wasn’t necessary.   Breastfeeding was just another part of life for them.   They sat on my lap or played on the floor during scores of LaLeche League meetings.  They watched neighbors and friends nurse their babies.   They absorbed it and learned. So there they are, absentmindedly watching TV while they’re nursing their babies.  The most natural thing in the world.   Perfect positioning without really thinking about it.   So why do many new moms struggle so much with breastfeeding?  Why are lactation consultants necessary?  Why is this blog necessary?  Because babies were born to breastfeed and mothers are designed for breastfeeding, but we were not meant to do it alone! Our busy, independence-oriented culture creates isolation for new mothers.   In addition most of my clients have NEVER seen a baby breastfeed and many have never held a newborn other than their own.  Is it any wonder new mothers need help?
“Breastfeeding Between the Lines” is an attempt to streamline information for new parents.  To dispel myths.  To make it all simple.  Please browse the posts.  To get started, check out “It’s Not Supposed to Hurt.” Feel free to add comments.  Post an alternative viewpoint.  Tell me what you think!  I look forward hearing from you.
Renee Beebe

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  1. This is such a good image… there is so much information that overwhelms everyone, except these kids haven’t read any of it.

    One reason I think LC’s are necessary is so that breastfeeding is given ‘professional respect’… meaning to develop ia serious body of studies and research…a science and that confirms what our instincts tell us. Breastfeeding is instinctual/right brain…. funding/uniform standards and procedures/WHO codes are more left brain. There is a necessity for both.

    • Hi Robin,
      Thanks for your comment. I am posting it but I edited your left/right brain sentence. I think you had the sides mixed up! but it’s sooo true! I educate mom with left brain stuff, but try to teach her to use her instincts–right brain.

  2. Renee you were instrumental in breastfeeding BOTH my boys. So many times I was going to give up and you keep me on the solid path. Thank you from the bottom of my…breast. And my breastfed boys thank you too with their good health! We heart you!

  3. Renee–You’re The Best Lactation Consultant/Postpartum Doula in the West! Families are so very lucky to have you available for help, support and advice—

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