One Breast or Two?

Many of my clients run into difficulty when they follow a rule-based approach to breastfeeding. Unfortunately, breastfeeding books and websites are often full of rules. “Always breastfeed on both sides each feeding.” or “Baby should only have one side per feeding.” There are scary warnings about baby not getting enough “hindmilk” and details about how many minutes to spend on each breast. Really? How do other mammals (and humans) do this without watches and books? Continue reading

Breastfeeding Requires Swallowing!

This video illustrates audible swallows by a newborn.  The regular, rhythmic “kuh” sound is produced with each swallow.  Notice the baby’s jaw drop right before the sound.  The position of the baby is perfect. Their head is tipped back, mouth open wide, chin tucked into the breast and nose tipped away from the breast. Enjoy!

Infant breastfeeding well 1:1 Swallow from Renee Beebe on Vimeo.