Milk Supply–A Thank You Note

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for everything you have helped us accomplish this past year. Today is my son, Robbie’s, first birthday, and I am happy to say we are still pumping, and strongly committed to at least 18 months.

After three years of heart-breaking infertility, I often found myself wondering why I couldn’t be a Mommy. I continually came back to the thought I was going to be a horrible mom. The day my son was born, I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to give him everything. We left the hospital when he was five days old. Breastfeeding was not successful. I tried and tried, but Robbie couldn’t latch. I diligently pumped my milk for him, but it was difficult and I never made quite enough. When he was a couple months old, my Dr. suggest the Mirena IUD for birth control. After having it inserted, my supply dwindled even more—down to just an ounce and a half a day. I was met with discouragement and urgings to stop pumping from family and friends. They kept telling me how much more time I would have during the day if I stopped.

I found myself at a crossroads, and I knew I had to find something quick. After spending time doing my own research and talking to our pediatrician, I stumbled upon a magazine article about milkmakers. Admittedly I was skeptical; but I ordered them anyway. Soon, my supply began to build a little, but not enough. Then I saw a fb post about a Q & A with Renee. Could this really be the answer?

Soon we had a phone consult with Renee. She explained how the Mirena IUD can decrease milk supply. She also suggested some herbs and medications that would help reverse what the Mirena had done, In addition, I started eating 2 milkmakers a day. Very quickly my supply shot up, and I was up to 15 oz a day! I quickly noticed if I missed a day or two of cookies, my supply went back down. I am completely blown away with how well they work!

Renee gave me some great ideas that I know have helped immensely. However, I know the main reason to our success. She and milkmakers gave me the gift of confidence and made me believe in myself as a mom when no one else did, and helped me to keep pumping to give my son the best gift I can give him…breast milk!

Now I am off the herbs and the medications and my supply is maintaining with the help of milkmakers. Thank you so much…I wouldn’t be here pumping strong on my son’s first birthday without you!

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