Finding a Lactation Consultant: How do you Choose?

This article was written in collaboration with my colleague, Lyla Wolfenstein, BS, IBCLC. Lyla is a lactation consultant in Portland, OR. 

I_DSC9271n an ideal world, every mother-baby dyad would have access to thorough, accurate, compassionate lactation support from the prenatal period through weaning. Sadly, this is not the case, and sometimes the “support” new families receive is fraught with error– informed by poor (or no) training. Continue reading

Guest Post: Choosing the Right Bottle for your Baby

This is a guest post from my esteemed colleague, Amy Peterson, BS, IBCLC.  I know it will be helpful when choosing a bottle for your baby.  Thank you, Amy! Photos in the post (as in all posts on this site) are copyrighted and are used with permission from Peterson & Harmer, Hale Publishing 2009.

Which bottle is most like breastfeeding? That’s the million, make that billion-dollar question! The baby bottle industry in the United States is enormous. And not surprisingly, many of the bottles claim to be most like breastfeeding to win your dollar. Continue reading

Bottle Feeding: Your Baby Sets the Pace!

Dad pacing the feeding for baby.

Dad pacing the feeding for baby.

You may wonder why I have written a post about bottle feeding. After all, I am a lactation consultant. My job as a lactation consultant is, first and foremost, to help mothers and babies breastfeed comfortably and enjoyably for as long as they both desire. One hundred percent breastfeeding is often the goal. The reality is, however, that most of my clients use bottles as well—either to supplement an inadequate milk supply or as an alternative means of feeding for times when mom is separated from baby. In addition, many babies I see have challenges that make breastfeeding next to impossible until the challenges are resolved. If a baby cannot get adequate nutrition at the breast, a bottle may be a temporary solution. Bottles are a fact of life in the western world. Continue reading