Tessa Vogel, IBCLC

Tessa’s interest in lactation began after having breastfeeding difficulties with her two children. Between low milk supply, mastitis, donor milk and formula supplementation, there is a good chance she’s been in your shoes. Tessa has worked closely with Renee since 2015 as both an intern and a co-worker. She did her formal coursework in lactation through Portland State University. 

Tessa loves learning about all things breastfeeding. She attends conferences locally, virtually  and internationally whenever she gets the chance. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she always goes the extra mile to help her clients.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Tessa and her husband Dan moved in Seattle over 10 years ago. When not learning more about breastfeeding and parent support, you can find Tessa, Dan, and her school age kids trying to determine the city’s best bakery.