Carrie DiStefano, IBCLC

Carrie has two young daughters and became passionate about breastfeeding after working through many struggles with her first and again with her second child who had a tongue tie.  She re-trained to become a lactation consultant from her previous role working at non-profit organizations. During her training, she quickly realized that many moms go home from the hospital without proper breastfeeding support due to the short nature of their stay after delivering a baby. New parents are all too often discharged (from the hospital) sleep-deprived, overwhelmed with information, and lacking knowledge of where to seek out breastfeeding assistance once they are home with their new baby. She hopes to help fill this gap by being available for in-home lactation consults.

When not with a client, Carrie works part-time as a hospital lactation consultant. She hopes to assist families in the Pacific Northwest in meeting their breastfeeding goals whether that is 3 days, 3 months or 3 years.